Dexter church of Christ
    157 Walnust Street, Dexter, KY.


The Dexter church of Christ is located in Dexter, KY and is about 50 members strong. We strive to do the work of the church as instructed in God's word. The work of the Lord's church has many purposes; one of which is to spread the gospel to the world (Mark 16:15-16). We hope that through this website you will find the gospel taught in truth and love.
Worship Services:
Sunday Bible Class 9:30
AM Sunday Worship 10:25 AM
5:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Class 6:30 PM

  Please feel free to direct any comments or questions to the church by clicking on the contact information button on the right..

Rom 16:16 "The churches of Christ salute you"

   Dan Sikes, Preacher